What We Offer


A typical Osteopathic consultation involves a detailed set of questions about the nature of your complaint. This will give your osteopath a better guide as to what they will then assess. From here the osteopath will get you standing, sitting and laying down, checking to see how you move. They will perform orthopaedic tests and discuss restrictions and weakness in your overall movement. Treatment involves a combination of muscular soft tissue massage and joint movement (from rhythmic rocking techniques, push and release exercises and gentle joint manipulations). Occasionally it happens that osteopathic treatment is contraindicated, and if the osteopath deems treatment would be better sought elsewhere or that you need to visit your GP, they can refer you accordingly.

Remedial Massage

Massage: We offer a range of soft tissue therapies including; remedial massage, sports massage, dry needling, deep tissue, pregnancy massage and myofascial release. 

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is used to treat specific areas of dysfunction or injury. Treatment often includes an assessment followed by a range of soft tissue techniques to address areas of discomfort. Remedial massage can be utilized to manage a range of soft tissue conditions, reduce aches & pains, improve posture and for injury prevention & rehabilitation.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is tailored to enhance optimal performance for athletes. Sports specific movements are considered when applying sports massage either pre event, post event or incorporated regularly into your training program. An essential tool to help identify and treat niggles before they cause injury.

Whatever’s needed massage

Treatments can be tailored to whatever suits you. Massage duration is typically 1 hour, however shorter and longer sessions can be arranged on request.

Go Body offers a Mobile Massage service at sporting events, in home and corporate environments.