Abby Carrington (Osteopath) joins Go Body at the Palm Beach clinic. Phone (07) 5520 1000 to book your consultation.

Osteopathy is well regarded manual therapy that employs the use of a truly ‘hands on’ approach. It employs movement through soft tissue and boney articulation techniques to help restore and maintain as close to normal human body movement as possible. The underlying principles of osteopathy and body function, state that if the biomechanical system (or body) is moving optimally, then the body is able to heal itself from a multitude of ills.


The practice of osteopathy is based upon 4 main principles that recognise the important link between the anatomical structures and how they interrelate to each other .


*The body is a single dynamic unit of function- each part relaying on another for full effective function

*Structure and function are reciprocally interrelated

*The rule of the artery is supreme- optimum function of the body is dependent on flow of blood and nervous impulses

*Rational treatment is based on applying these principles


Australian and NZ osteopaths train for 5 years to become qualified treatment providers with a Masters of Osteopathy. Osteopaths are primary healthcare professionals, so you can come straight to us. Your appointment is individually tailored to each client, with the aim of addressing the needs of the client both short and long term. This is achieved through full musculo-skeletal testing, body movement screens, and education regarding their appointment and are then equipped with the knowledge of how to help themselves outside of each appointment. Treatment utilises a variety of soft tissue and joint mobilisation techniques. Clients are then often shown stretches, exercises and given advice on modifications in their normal day to day lives.

We understand that there may be some conditions that may not be suitable for osteopathic treatment, and can refer you for the appropriate medical attention where required.


Osteopathy is covered by most health funds in Australia, as well as being supported by the government under the EPC scheme (through your doctor) and by the Department of Veteran Affairs.