June 14

Clint Kimmins


Clint “Clipper” Kimmins is one of our very own ‘Go Body’ athletes and has been since 2012.

Here’s a little bit about this living legend:

Kicking things off as a surfing professional at 16 years of age, finishing in the top 5 at the under-16 Junior World Champion with the Australian junior circuit. Clint Kimmins was destined for great things!

He then switched things up a bit and went from just surfing to becoming a Long Course Triathlete and big wave Surfer with the World’s Big Wave Surfing Tour. Having already surfed some of the biggest known waves on Earth – WA, Jaws, and Mavericks. Meanwhile, scoring some magazine covers along the way.

Being on the road travelling with the tour, taught Clint a lot about work ethic. Which is something that would come handy down the track.

The 2000’s were some of Clint’s best memories. Hanging with some of the best in Hawaii – Darren O’Rafferty, Zane Harrison, Mick Fanning and Jamie O’Brien. These guys were his family.

Being a very determined kid, Clint wanted nothing more than to be a professional surfer. “It felt like I was meant to be there. I’m not finished with it yet.”

Fast forward to 2022:

Clint’s one of the famous Bondi Life Guards and still loving his triathlons.

Follow Clint and his triumphs here:

Instagram: @clintkimmins
Twitter: @clintkimmins
Facebook: @clintkimminsathlete
YouTube: 84clipper


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